How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams

Looking to purchase the Ava doll for over $800 but I'd like a phone call and some proof that it's legit cause I just got scammed by another website


This was exactly what a customer wrote to us a few weeks back. We’re so sorry to hear this but honestly, no surprise here. As the industry is getting bigger and sex dolls are getting more and more popular, scammers start to make moves. We have been doing business in the sex doll industry for many years and it seems like scammers have increasingly harnessed their creativity, becoming more and more sophisticated with time. That’s why we’re here to give you some tips and tricks on How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams.


This article will dig deep into the 2 major forms of scam that you can encounter when buying a sex doll, and most importantly, discuss the various tips that will put you on the safe side.

The first and probably the most common one is the purchase of a counterfeit doll. This happens when the doll that gets delivered does not resemble the one you ordered and is usually as a result of the seller advertising a product that doesn’t match something they actually offer. The doll simply doesn’t meet the client’s expectations with the seller exaggerating the features of the doll.

The second trick is worse. This form of scam involves you paying for the doll and not getting the product delivered at all. Surprise surprise, this is the most common scam, where a person sets up a website and advertises numerous sex dolls supported by attractive images while they don’t actually possess the dolls. Trust us, this vice is a reality that you might encounter when you’re purchasing your sex doll just like the customer who wrote us above, especially if it’s your first doll. 


Before you become a victim, let’s go through some of the tips to avoid getting scammed when buying a sex doll.


Research on sex dolls

Buying a sex doll for the first time can be frustrating. You are new to this and probably don’t even know a thing about it.  Most people search for actual reviews or ask around to understand a high-quality sex doll

Do you want a TPE or silicone sex doll? What are the pros and cons of each relating the quality of the material used to the prices, and make a decision? Learn about the various sizes and variations. This will help you find just the ideal doll for you.

Furthermore, do research on how to take care and store your doll after use. Also, check to see whether the product has its care instructions, a legit sex doll should always come with one.


Research on the seller

Just like other products, reviews do matter. Research to see whether that sex doll store has transacted business with other people and how they felt about it. Though, don’t expect everyone to be happy. Also, check on the clarity and correctness of the information and description of the doll.

With the sex doll business being an online venture, always look to see whether the seller’s website provides you with the relevant information. Is the information clear? Scammers will always have vague websites filled with incorrect and unclear information. Kindly, visit our blog, Everything You Need to Know About Sex Dolls for more fun facts and in-depth info about sex dolls.

Furthermore, you can always inquire from the seller information that you feel has not been addressed on the website. A legit online sex doll store will be happy to respond to your queries and make sure that all your doubts are cleared. Here at, you know we’re always here for you! Contact us on the contact page or leave us a message in a live chat. We usually get back in less than 12 hours :)


Product description

The description should include the height, weight, materials used, product variations as well as some needed specification. 

Anyways, you can always inquire with the sex doll store where you have additional questions that are not covered in the description. A good and reliable store should be quick to share with you more information on the product and appropriately clarify the subject. Actually, the quickness and tone of the seller’s response should guide you on whether or not to buy from them.


The price and mode of payment

You have gone through all the steps and have finally picked the ideal sex doll that you can’t wait to own. This is every scammer's hotspot, getting you to send them the money. So how do you make sure your money is safe? Check to see the payment methods that the seller accepts and choose the safest one. 

The most advisable method to pay for products online is definitely credit cards and PayPal. Why? These methods offer a recovery method in case something goes wrong.

If the deal is too good. Think twice! Always make sure that the price is realistic. Simply, the price should match the product; For instance, a silicone sex doll will most definitely be more expensive as compared to a TPE doll. If a seller advertises a product that seems too cheap or too expensive, question that. hopes this article is helpful, and that you will use the tips to protect yourself from scams.

P.S All our products at  are legit and have been tested by our dearest satisfied customers. We’re proud of the quality dolls we carry at the lowest prices in the market. Please feel free to explore our well-selected sex dolls and please don’t hesitate to leave us a message if you have any questions. 

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