5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sex Doll this Fall

Are you browsing around thinking of whether you should get a sex doll or not? Maybe you’re on the fence but still haven’t quite made up your mind, then this blogpost is for you. Here we will explore 5 very good reasons why this fall is the time to buy a sex doll. Lets dive in!


  1. Covid is Still a Thing


First and foremost, lets look at the reality. Unfortunately, it seems like Covid is here to stay for another season. And Covid another season means another season of social distancing. Regardless of if you buy into it or not this means that dating will be more difficult. And even if you can get into some dating online or use one of the many apps available, that the online interaction leads to some actual physical action is quite frankly less likely during covid.

So if you want some sure physical action while you wait for Covid to pass, you should buy a sex doll this fall.


  1. Sex Dolls are More Realistic Than Ever Before


Actually, sex dolls have been around for a while, even since the 1970s. But to be honest, back then they weren’t great. And unless you enjoy having sex with an inflatable air mattress the feeling of having sex with one was quite horrible.

Now a days we’re talking a completely different type of sex doll. The rise of TPE silicone material in sex doll fabrication have taken them to a completely different level. And the demand for realistic and highly enjoyable sex toys have pushed the realism of sex dolls to a completely different level. Today we even have AI dolls.

However, after having been sent some AI dolls from different manufacturers and having had the guys here at the office trying them out them, we decided to continue with our PE dolls. The AI is not quite there yet according to us. And since we are dedicated to offering a premium product, we decided to keep going a few more years with our tried and trusted premium TPE dolls. Since they are so freaking realistic, you should buy a sex doll this fall.


  1. Sex Dolls are Finally Becoming Socially Acceptable


All though this covid thing have brought upon us much sadness and difficult situations, it has actually also led to a few good things. One thing that we noticed here at the PSD office is that the demand of sex dolls skyrocketed. And with a skyrocketing demand, the sex doll business has seen an increase of interest in the industry. This interest has led to coverage in some of the worlds biggest newspapers. Even here at PSD we have received quite a few phone calls from different journalists.

With an increase of interest, sex dolls are becoming more socially acceptable and more and more people look upon them as just a luxurious sex toy. Nothing to be ashamed about.

Now despite this, maybe you shouldn’t tell your neighbor about the hot new sex doll you bought just yet. After all some sex secrets are better to keep for ourselves. Or if you have a great relationship with your neighbor, maybe you should. And he would be keen to join in on the fun and get one for himself. We already know you are more than ready to give him a premium recommendation if that happens 😉. 

So since sex dolls are so socially acceptable, you should buy a sex doll this fall.


  1. The Fall is a Good Time to Have a Partner


During the summer we spend more time outdoors and we are generally quite busy with different activities. With the fall the darkness and the cold come upon us and we start spending more time inside. When we are spending more time inside its great to have a partner to snuggle up with and have some physical action with.

Sex dolls can actually warm up to your body temperature. Thus instead of having a heater on all night, you can sleep or cuddle with your doll.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned above due to Covid it will be also harder than ever before to find that partner this fall. And even if it is possible to find one, a partner just isn’t for everyone. With a sex doll you can get the sex and snuggling that a partner would offer but without all the hassle that comes with having a partner.

So if you never tried a sex doll before, this fall is definitely a great time to buy a sex doll.


  1. Because the Best Time to Take Action is Today.


There is an old Chinese proverb that goes something like this: “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is today”. And that’s exactly how we here at the PSD office feel about getting a sex doll.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a sex doll for a while, there is only one way of finding out if a sex doll is for you. And that is to buy a sex doll. So no need to continue being on the fence. We have plenty of sex doll experience here at the office :D and we are sure you’re going to have a great time.

There you go, this fall is the perfect time to treating yourself to the best sex toy experience that’s available in 2020, a premium sex doll.