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Premium Sex Dolls is an official reseller. Together with the industries leading factories we have delivered thousands of premium quality sex dolls at amazing prices since 2016


Meet Ella!

She's one of our all time bestsellers. Not only because she's pretty but we got a great deal for you! Our Ella is only half the price of other retailers. Lucky you! Now you can purchase this curvy one and a few other premium sex dolls for sale from us for much less :)


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Why have Sex Dolls become so popular?

A sex doll is not just a silicone sex toy.  It recreates the sexual experience with a human. The mouth, vagina, and anus are made according to real women. 

Premium Sex Dolls come with an articulated PVC or metal skeleton with flexible joints for the ability to change positions during sex acts. 

Sex Dolls in the US

In the 1960s, selling sex toys and devices through the mail became legal in the US. Around the same time the porn magazines started featuring sex toy ads for the first time. 

By 1980, Sex Dolls were available in most local sex stores. However, back then it was still different inflatable versions that barely could be reused. Thanks to the active demand, we have seen a great development in technology during recent years. And now we are happy to offer the latest in doll technology: Our premium TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls for sale.

Medical Grade TPE/Silicone

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Not Just Rubber

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